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Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan


Ayesha Khan is a D.C. metropolitan native and is thrilled to be back in her hometown where she has been freelancing with FOX 5 for the past year and a half.  Having been given the opportunity to be part of a station in her own hometown has provided her the advantage to hit the ground running. She is already familiar with the communities where she grew up, attended school and university in and have along the way, made life-long friends. These are friends and family members whom she says are now turning into incredible sources of information that have helped her beat the competition by reporting on exclusive and often lead stories. 

Being able to find a community's "pulse" is one of her greatest skills. Perhaps her own experiences as a multi-lingual first-generation Pakistani-American have sharpened her senses in recognizing minority issues and connecting with valuable sources. 

Ayesha made the move to FOX 5 D.C from St. Louis Missouri.  During her time in Ferguson, Missouri, she immersed herself in the daily minutiae of residents and businesses dealing with the fallout of the deadly shooting of Michael Brown. She faced and experienced volatile, high tension situations each day as she shot, edited, and reported the case developments that gripped the nation for months.  Ayesha says she felt a duty to share the struggles of a community on edge.

While working for another station in St. Louis, her managers recognized her knack for balancing the need for substantive reporting against the pressure of constant deadlines by sending her to cover breaking news from Washington, D.C. 


Ayesha gave live reports every hour from the scene of a shooting that unfolded during a Republican team practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. She then followed every lead and aggressively pursued detailed witness interviews. Her research and investigative work were also broadcast on sister station, WGN, in Chicago. 


As an anchor, Ayesha has a track record for drawing in viewers. While serving on the weekend morning show in a major market, the station's ratings climbed several points.  In that time, Ayesha developed a strong sense of the need to be multi-faceted in this ever-evolving industry. Ayesha prides herself on being able to engage viewers on social media during the live three-hour show while providing updates for Over The Top platforms as well.


Ayesha has worked in newsrooms of various sizes across the country over the last decade. Her career has taken her from Largo, Maryland to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to Salisbury Maryland then to St. Louis, Missouri before landing back home at FOX 5.


Ayesha is a versatile journalist who can go from being in the field for breaking news and live reporting to holding down the anchor desk and taking command. Ayesha admits, she works best when under pressure and on deadline.



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