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Ani Azadian

Ani Azadian


Ani Azadian is a litigation attorney currently practicing in the state of California. She was born in Armenia and raised in Los Angeles from the age of seven. She attended UCLA, followed by Loyola Law School.  Ani is a rare find, to say the least.  She is a brilliant attorney and interpreter of legal/political topics and more importantly, a charismatic woman with incredible camera presence. Ani was a great find for our firm and exactly the kind of client that we look for at HDReps.

Trump Administration and the Federal Courts

After graduating from law school, she was fortunate to secure a clerkship with a federal judge in the Central District of California, 9th Circuit - a position that is highly respected and coveted in the legal community and political arena.  This is because a clerkship is the closest that an attorney can ever come to understanding and taking part in a judge's role as a decision maker.  During her term, she evaluated a wide variety of cases, worked closely with the judge to reach decisions and authored countless decisions - many of which have been published for attorneys to refer to when making arguments.

Ani’s judicial experience really sets her apart from other attorneys, news commentators, and the media in general as she is part of the very small percentage of attorneys in the country who have incredible insight into the federal circuit courts, particularly the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Not only did she clerk for a district judge in this Circuit, she also was part of the judicial staff of a senior 9th Circuit federal judge where she worked on a variety of high level cases, including constitutional appeals involving international terrorists.  These positions have not only expanded her knowledge of federal jurisprudence and the inner workings of the private chambers of judges in the Circuit, they have also solidified her relationships with judges and judicial staff.  This, in and of itself, gives Ani a leg up over reporters and commentators when it comes to the ever growing legal issues currently arising under the Trump administration.

Trump Administration and Regulatory Law

Aside from her judicial experience, Ani is highly knowledgeable in the area of federal regulatory law. After her judicial term, she was recruited by one of the largest and oldest firms in the country - Stroock & Stroock & Lavan to practice in their renowned financial services and class actions litigation department.  There, she represented major banks and credit card companies in groundbreaking consumer class actions involving financial regulations that reached the Supreme Court of the United States and made laws for the nation to follow.  Of course, federal regulation is a hot topic under the current administration and Ani is well versed to investigate, uncover, and explain this area in the most basic terms for anyone to understand.

Although she would tell you she enjoyed her time at Stroock and learned a great deal working for some of the smartest and respected legal minds, she wanted to move away from the defense world and represent individuals.  So, the natural choice was to join her husband's firm in Los Angeles where she leads the consumer class actions department and also works on labor and employment cases. 

Ani’s legal career has truly contributed to shaping her into who she is today and what she wants to do in the future.  She sees herself reaching a broader audience and educating citizens about the law and empowering them to understand their place in it.  Journalism is the perfect role to make that happen.  But, without her legal journey, she would not have come to this realization. In the near future, she wants to have a platform that would cover national and world news with more of an emphasis in law and politics.  She is someone who is constantly observing and questioning people and trends, thinking about where the world is heading in terms of business, laws, social culture, technology etc.  Doing so, she is always thinking about the next steps - what does the world need, what’s coming our way, what do people want to hear, what do they need to know etc.  She wants to work with and for people who are thinkers, innovators, and are open to exploring the unusual.


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